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Morrigan Aensland

"You’re so naughty… hee hee…."
Morrigan Aensland’s quote in Night Warriors.

Morrigan Aensland (モリガン・アーンスランド, Morigan Ānsurando) is a video game character from the Darkstalkers series of fighting games developed by Capcom.

Morrigan is a succubus who is very vain and lives for little more than the excitement of battle. She appears as a beautiful woman with long, light green hair, large breasts, and bat-like wings on her back and on the sides of her head.

Morrigan can reshape these wings into spikes and blades when attacking her enemies, as well as using them to shield herself from enemy attacks. Her wings can also separate from her, and form into a cloud of bats. She uses a variety of magical attacks as well.

Credit : Rexil

Origianlly designed by : Akira Yasuda ( Darkstalkers Series ) and Aya Takamura ( Namco X Capcom )

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